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KIDDING: R U Kidding? (Vinyl 7″)

KIDDING:  R U Kidding? (Vinyl 7So here’s the debut vinyl 7″ from German funk quartet Kidding entitled R U Kidding? with B-side Am I Kidding?. Are they kidding? Nope – this is two tight slices of Hammond funk right here. The A-side is the brisker of the two, featuring scorching Hammond licks and reminiscent of early Cookin On 3 Burners material. While slower, the flip is certainly no slouch of a track and drenched in wah-wah guitar as well as featuring a big band swing-style drum break and – for the second post today – the B-side is the monkey’s preferred one of the two tracks.
(Out now on Burning Sole/ Color Red)

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