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KIBOSH: Pocky Way – Free download

KIBOSH: Pocky Way - Free downloadIt’s been a bit of a week for party breakbeat releases and here’s yet another – Kibosh’s Pocky Way Scour Freemix remix thingy of The Meters’ Hey Pocky A-Way. The original came out on the Rejuvenation LP bang in the middle of the New Orleans legends’ glorious original eight album run between 1969 and 1977 and was a loose mid-tempo groove dripping with sub-tropical bayou heat. Kibosh re-imagines it for 2019 in a slightly more energetic format with a myriad of FX and modern production flourishes to facilitate dropping it amidst more recent material where it will proceed to cause seismic ripples as that funky payload goes off. Cop it via the player below.

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