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KELLY FINNIGAN: I Don’t Wanna Wait + ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’ video

KELLY FINNEGAN:  I Don't Wanna Wait + 'Catch Me I'm Falling' videoThose who haven’t had enough smouldering soul of the Lee Fields variety lately will be champing at the bit when they hear opener and lead single, I Don’t Wanna Wait, from forthcoming album The Tales People Tell by Monophonics lead singer Kelly Finnigan which employs a similar sonic aesthetic to Field’s work on Big Crown. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a new video for Catch Me I’m Falling which is also on the album but – er – seems to have been released several months before the ‘lead’ single. And while the PR has it that the falsetto Finnigan uses on this adds a Curtis Mayfield touch on this latter track, early Delfonics might be a closer comparison still. What about that video though? Surely the best way to capture a vibe of retro soulful love ballad must be to employ that lo-fi wobbly animation style and depict Finnegan as a lovelorn green vampire and (occasionally) a lovelorn green vampire/ cherub hybrid that looks like a friend of noughties animated web sensation, Salad Fingers. Yep, that should do it. LP, The Tales People Tell, follows at the start of May.

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