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KAZAHAYA: Bon Voyage (feat. Camp Lo)/ Remember Hip-hop 2012 (feat. D-Stroy, Wax, Herbal T & Braille)(2012)

For last year’s Soul Is Yours LP, Kazahaya reprised his epic hip-hop dancefloor mash-up Remember Hip-Hop with live rappers as opposed to samples and now here it is on this sexy little seven inch from Breakin Bread who released the original (which is still in the box) three years ago. New lyrical fire is supplied courtesy of Wax and twin bro Herbal T, D-Stroy and Braille wherein they recognise that some may find ‘golden era’ worship a little tiresome. And then pay homage to the golden era by dissing anyone who thinks that worshipping the golden era is a bit tiresome, “Oh – great – another song where they reminiscing/ Saying old school names like they ever listen/ Know Rakim’s song ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em?/ Say, ‘no’ and I’ll smack you with a television.” Over on the flip there’s more quality as Camp Lo bust a rhyme over a Philly-soul style beat. One seven inch, double dope.
(Out 9 April on Breakin Bread)

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