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KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 24 (2015) + ZEMERALD ‘Got To Get Got’

Vol 22 23 Katakana Edits[RATING: 5] I don’t know – no Katakana edits in your inbox for ages and then three come along in the same week. In case you’re wondering about this, the reason is the same as for when three buses arrive at once – the one in front is late, the one in the middle is on time and the one at the back is early. Obvious really – a bit like giving this bunch of booty mashes the full MB thumbs up. Basically Vol. 24 is four funky soul numbers (from Jeanne & The Darlings, Bobby Rush, Chuck Jackson and Charles Wright) getting the full Zemerald edit treatment (respectfully though – no wobble) and a blend of chopped up funk and hip-hop – all of which you could have picked up for free via MB or Zemerald’s soundcloud over the last year if only you’d been paying attention. In case you’re someone who missed out – why not console yourself with a freee copy of the Z-man’s latest edit Got To Get Got which brings the noise by combining A Skillz and Nick Thayer’s grinding wobblefest Get Got with Leila K’s hip-house classic Got To Get. See what he did to make that title? The edits drop tomorrow – to get the freebie you need to repost the soundcloud player and then hit up Zemerald for the DL…
(Out 13 March on Katakana Edits)

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