KATAKANA EDITS: Vol. 109 (MORLACK)At least as big a regular on Katakana Edits as he is on Breakbeat Paradise or even his own label Funk Blasters, Morlack now presides over Vol. 109 of Katakana Edits. A five-tracker, this one opens, in not unaccustomed manner, with the beefed-up eighties boogie of Anticipation providing a whistle wetter to the approach of the EP – if not always to the genre of the source material – as you’ll hear from the next track – a Little Beaver rework, Some Dues To Pay. Before you can even utter the words ‘genre tart’ though, Morlack leaps into the hi-NRG afro-pop of Zouk La Se giving that the once over and from thence moves to an inspired wonky bass take on Les 36’15’s 1988 pop cut Zoulous. Which just leaves Way Out to provide the – er – way out with an edit that ensures this release is bookended by beefed-up boogie.

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