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KATAKANA EDITS 41 (MORLACK): Vol. 41 (2016)

Morlack Katakana Edits 41Having ‘done’ disco for the last two volumes of its long-running and always quality series, the Katakana Edits team hire seasoned-dancefloor slayer Morlack to switch things up a bit. And switch them up a bit he does. Funk gets ready to roll on his uptempo Funk & Roll stomp which employs P-Funkisms left, right and centre while Ubirantan reworks afrobeat for the twenty-first century – just don’t call it ‘ghetto afro’. The one most likely to set dancefloors aflame however is a superb low n slow, funky-reggae take on a certain MJ hit which at seven and a half minutes is just long enough to make sure you only stop when you get enough.
(Out now on Katakana Edits)

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