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K-DELIGHT feat. SHINOBI STALIN: Make It Different (2013) + video

[RATING: 5] The long absent K-Delight‘s new single Make It Different joins a ridiculously long streak of dope boom-bap hip-hop releases covered on MB this year. If (given its title) there is an irony in its being in some way similar (i.e in terms of quality) it possesses at least one notable difference to many of those other tracks by dint of not featuring Phill Most Chill on the mic. That honour instead goes to long-time KD collaborator – Floridian emcee Shinobi Stalin who appeared on K-Dilla’s debut LP Audio Revolution back in 2008 (!) and who is more than equal to the task of ripping up a beat. The beat, incidentally, is an especially noteworthy breakers gem driven by a combo of windmilling breaks and insistent bass and given a moody twist from reverbed percussion and paranoid synth samples. Also comes with an even more moody b-boy version, Make It Break, on the flip. Should have you amping for more from K-Dilla whose as-yet-untitled second LP is due in the new year. Players and vid below… Audio removed by artist.

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