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K-DELIGHT: ‘Def Jam’ Mixtape – free download

Hot on the heels of his gnarly Audio Revolution LP, K-Dilla drops a ‘mixtape’ like they used to make, recorded live in one epic take. On two turntables. Only everything’s digital and shit now right? So you can cop the full glory of it here: DOWNLOAD – K DELIGHT Def Jam MIXTAPE complete with full artwork and stuff. It’s a veritable cornucopia of breaks and beats old and new featuring hip-hop, RnB, and funk. The whole track list stretches for miles but it’s a journey that’ll take you from Aceyalone to The Roots via DJ Mentat and the Nice Up crew and then head from Amerie to the Barkays via Alice Russell and The JBs. Forty-four tracks in just over an hour. Man don’t hang about innit!

K Delight – Myspace

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