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K DELIGHT & CHROME: Jazzy Jeff (2014) Free download

Jazzy Jeff K Delight ChromeUK hip-hop dream-team K Delight and Deftex rapper Chrome pay tribute to the cool half of a far more famous US hip-hop dj/ rapper pairing for this second single from his forthcoming second LP. Entitled Jazzy Jeff, it is of course a tribute to a man who is not only a pioneering and widely respected hip-hop dj but one who has inexplicably managed to maintain a lengthy association with Will Smith without losing a single cool point. Like Jazzy Jeff, K-Delight is quite the decknologist. Unlike Will Smith, Chrome is not prone to spitting cheese all over the mic. Expect clattering beats, acoustic guitar samples, furious flows from Chrome, and the expert touch of the man they call the ‘Scratch Assassin’ at work. Cop it below…

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