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JURASSIC 5: Quality Control 7″ (2015)

Quality Control 7 inch Jurassic 5The first of two more re-released hip-hop classics in interesting formats in the run-up for this year’s Record Store Day is more 45 craziness in the form of two cuts off Jurassic 5 LP Quality Control. The seven inch release is a dinked 45 of the low ‘n slow title track off J5’s second LP from 2000 with piano-stomp-underpinned Jurass Finish First on the flip. You should be able to afford that even if it’s only the ‘Made In Chelsea massive’ who can get into a J5 gig these days – prices being what they are. Some more new material wouldn’t go amiss though now would it, given the stir caused by The Way We Do It single last year…
(Out soon on Get On Down)

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