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J STAR: Regulate Rock – Free download – 2011

Back in the day Warren G and Nate Dogg were regarded as lame-ass jiggy shit in my neck of the woods. Still, time passes and you know what? Regulate still sounds like a cheesy, over-produced rnb turd. G-funk my ass. Enter reggae remixer to the stars – J – er – Star, two years ago. MB waxed lyrical about the skill and dedication required to make Regulate actually sound classy as opposed to something that the people who originally made it thought sounded classy HERE. The point of such a preamble? Well, because of today’s news of Nate’s untimely demise, J Star has placed his superb version of the track up for limited download to commemorate Mr Dogg’s passing. It’s the end of an era. Step to this, I dare ya…Cop it here:
Free download – J Star – Regulate Rock

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