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JSTAR meets MAX RUBADUB: Dem Nah Ready (Vinyl 7″)

JSTAR meets MAX RUBADUB:  Dem Nah Ready (Vinyl 7Is that thunder I hear? No? Someone’s got the engine of an eighteen wheeler ticking over outside? No? Well – an earthquake perhaps? Oh wait – no – it’s just the bass on the new JStar meets Max Rubadub 45 – Dem Nah Ready – a brisk (for dub) digi-dancehall monster, featuring Crosby on the mic for which neither ‘dem’ nor their bassbins will be in any way prepared. Expect your speaker cones to be flapping like a battle-scarred bull elephant’s ears after you’ve given this Nick Manasseh-produced effort a rinsing. What’s that? You can take double any bass JStar can give you and still run a mile. Foolish words, man. The flip is the dub version – which even our J refers to as ‘heavy.’
(Out 6 February HERE)

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