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JORUN PMC: Magic Disco Machine EP (2013)

[RATING: 5] Now I know you’re thinking ‘I’ve seen that style of cover art a few times this year.’ And you’d be right. That’s because the man behind it is Phill Most Chill. He’s had one or two releases out this year, all of them with different producers yet all with a certain homogeneity. One reason for this is because Phill doesn’t seem to be most chill unless he gets fast beats for his fast raps. Another seems to be that just as Little Britain‘s ‘Dennis Waterman’ won’t sign an acting contract unless he can ‘sing the feem toon’, Phill won’t lay down verse unless he gets to do the artwork. More often than not he seems to get his way. There’s a reason for that – he’s a bit of a microphone fiend. Nova Scotian producer Jorun Bombay capably matches classic rhyming with old school 80s party beats and Magic Disco Machine is another super disco-breakin retro-hop triumph.
(Out 1 November on AE Productions/ in Effect Recordings)

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