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JOHNNYPLUSE: Ur Not Hip-hop (2013)

The rave-wing of Irish breakbeat is alive and well it seems. Yes, it’s Johnnypluse with his latest four tracker Ur Not Hip-Hop. Opener Close Your Eyes takes a while to get going but at over six minutes, it’s not like it’s in any hurry. But hang on: no rapping, no scratching and two massive interpolations of Bastille’s Pompeii? Close Your Eyes – you’re not hip-hop! Even if you do reference the Apache break. Next up is the self-referentially-titled A Song Called Hip-Hop (breaks riddled with old school hip-hop samples aplenty) followed by Boom To The Bop (airhorn-powered breaks) and the ragga-hop of The Skank Out. Not hip-hop then. Mind you, what’s mainstream hip-hop these days? Last time I checked it was Pitbull on a David Guetta beat…
(Out now on Bulabeats)

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