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JOHNNYPLUSE feat. MC COPPA: Get Old One Day (2013) Free download

Bulabeats big cheese JohnnyPluse drops the remix album of his Book Of Lies long player from earlier this year next month. By way of promotion, he’s put out a free download of the MC Coppa-featuring Get Old One Day which lyrically amounts to pretty much a list of stuff to do before you get old. Swim with dolphins in Tahiti? Surf psychedelic barrels at dawn in Bali? Have group sex with a troupe of Brazilian mardi gras dancers? Actually no. “Drop your tag…just get mad…have a good time…move onto shots after a few pints…” Right Coppa – well er – that’s a bit more generic I suppose – the listener can map on their own imaginations on to that – those shots could be drunk anywhere from Berlin to Bankok right? Quite possibly while listening to JP’s dubbed-out party vibes…Click on the the player and go through to Soundcloud for the free DL button…

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