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JODIE: Threads (Ltd. vinyl 7″)

JODIE: Threads (Ltd. vinyl 7[RATING: 5] Original Gravity signing Jodie returns with new vinyl 7″, Threads, shortly but with a title like that, what is she actually singing about? A nuclear holocaust? Nope, too eighties. Straggly loose bits of fabric? Close but no cigar. Ok then, so it must be…clothing! Got it in three, as our heroine turns in a snappy dressers’ anthem. Not just any snapper dressers though, the snappiest dressers – for our sixties-obsessed heroine as turned in a paean to mod style. “High boots, mini-skirts, roll necks, and paisley scarves/ Cufflinks and tailored suits, with matching ties and Chelsea boots,” she chants on the intro over rhythmic Hammond-organ stabs before the drums kick in and we’re right in the middle of a lively slice of mod-funk dancefloor action. And you wanna be properly dressed for that. Though possibly not in the monstrously-patterned Laura Ashley-style dress that Jodie’s wearing on the cover art.
(Pre-order now/ Ships November on Original Gravity Records)

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