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JIMMY CHAMBERS: You Can’t Fight It (feat. Kenny Lynch) (2014)

You Can't Fight It Jimmy Chambers[RATING: 5] A recurring motif in 80s American b-movies found dwindling bands of plucky, right-thinking and well-armed survivors regularly facing relentless onslaughts from some sort of horde – Zombies, communists, you name it. In Assault On Precinct 13 it was merciless urban gangs who were pitched against a couple of policemen, two secretaries and a brace of ‘normal’ murderers by director John Carpenter who also wrote the classic funky doomladen synth score, You Can’t Fight It. Produced by Jimmy Chambers, this instro theme was famously sampled by Dead Prez for their massive Hip-hop but few are aware that there was also a superb vocal cut of the original featuring Kenny Lynch that never made the final cut. Big ups to Fly By Night Music then, who dust off and restore the original and deliver a Riccio rerub on this vinyl 10″ reissue.
(Out 10 November on Fly By Night Music)

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