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J&B KINGS: Conga Conga

J&B KINGS:  Conga CongaBefore ‘the’ conga became a novelty line-dance via 1930s Hollywood – and long before Black Lace got their sweaty palms on it – congas were the dances performed to the carnival music of the same name in Havana from the early part of the nineteenth century onwards with, quel surprise, much older African roots. Enter J&B Kings (one half of whom is Jesse ‘Dubmatix’ King) wresting the concept back from the cheesemongers, joining forces with Heavyweights Brass Band and adding a heavy dash of funkiness with Conga Conga. Imagine a booming breakbeat instrumental with Latin stylings including conga percussion and brass and you’ve got the picture. Conga Conga follows previous singles Louisiana Strut and Let’s Go-Go – all of which evidence surely points to a complete LP of tasteful breakbeat interpretations of retro dance craze music somewhere down the line…
(Out 17 April on 7Arts)

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