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JAYEAST/ QTURBO/ AZHQ: ‘All Souled Out Productions Vol. 2’ mixtape (2012) Free download

It’s cold, it’s rainy and generally a bit shitty – have a free mixtape from the Netherlands’ All Souled Out Productions to cheer yourself up. The All Souled Out crew is Jayeast, Qturbo and Azhq and they’ve got a thing for remixing late nineties/ early noughties hip-hop in a…well…er…late nineties/ early noughties stylee. Yes, stoned is very much the way of the walk here as everyone from Large Pro, to The Pharcyde’s Fat Lip, to Artifacts get a herbal beats-style ASP respray.

The laid-back jazzy version of Abdominal’s Pedal Pusher provides a typical example of the musical provender on offer here and creates a vision of Toronto’s Mr Microphonist meandering around his home city in a lazy, hazy Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid approach to the bicycle providing an interesting counterpoint to the original’s breakneck funk-based tale of courier adventures, for example. My personal favourite however is the sinister horns-based refix of Large Professor’s Rap Professionals.

Perfect for bumping on the stereo in your favourite coffee shop with a cup of coffee and your favourite smoke, then. Or it would be if the Dutch authorities hadn’t just cracked down on ‘coffee shops’ catering for tourists. If this fuels your concerns that the ASP boys might run out of herbal inspiration – don’t worry – the Dutch are still allowed in them – if they’ve got a ‘weed pass’ apparently. Check that Large Pro track below and preview/ download the whole mixtape off the player below that…

Large Professor – Rap Professionals (JayEast remix) by allsouledoutproductions

All Souled Out Productions Vol. 2 by allsouledoutproductions

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