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JASON KING: Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) + King Fries Mix free downloads (2014)

Daddy's Donkey Ride Jason KingJason King a.k.a the artist formerly known as Bubaking, generously delves into his bucket of musical crowd-feed here and tosses out a free Big Daddy Kane/ Mr Scruff swing-hop mash-up carrot. There may be some of you who find the title of Daddy’s Donkey Ride (Raw Saddle) inherently amusing – I can hear a few sniggers at the back now – though I may as well tell you now that such immaturity will be stiffly punished. I mean the perpetrators will be firmly dealt with. Oh dear no – that won’t do – I mean there will be a lengthy and very severe period of chastisement…Oh – just cop it below! Also, as if that’s not enough free shit – have a bite of the man’s King Fries Mix (on which Daddy’s Donkey Ride appears) where he expertly mixes up party beats and breaks…

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