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JACK HAMMER/ JUSTIN: ‘Swim’/ ‘Right Now’ seven inch (2012)

Hee-ooge double slice of sixties soul here re-pressed in time for my first gig of the new year. A-side club classic Swim by Jack Hammer has been listed in some places as being by ‘Jan’ Hammer but despite the Miami Vice theme man having had a shady past in prog-jazz-funk fusioneers The Mahavishnu Orchestra he’s not responsible for this super raw slice of funky action. Nor is lesser known soul king Hammer to be confused with the ‘other’ Jack Hammer who a quick google reveals has featured in such cinematic delights as Hawaiian Buttwatch and Yin Yang Oriental Love Bang 2. While we’re on the topic of name confusion – over on the flip is slightly slower fat n’ funky northern soul groove Right Now by the even more obscure ‘Justin.’ Previously the only man I knew who travelled solely by the forename ‘Justin’ was the creator of Mr Tumble. This definitely isn’t him.
(Allegedly out 2 January on Soul Saver. Though my copy arrived last week)

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