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J-ROC: Ghetto Funk presents J-Roc EP (2011)

Canadian J-Roc (of Sould Out DJs fame) is the latest producer to get the spotlight in the Ghetto Funk label’s highly consistent Ghetto Funk presents string of vinyl only releases and unbelievably, he’s from Edmonton. I say unbelievably because the last time I was out there I was naive enough to play a funky bit of Deadly Avenger big beat at a party on a mixtape I’d made and got told to ‘turn that Michael Jackson shit off.’ This was the late nineties you understand, since said mixtape was on an actual cassette. It was ejected without ceremony, handed to me with a pitying look and replaced by a cassette containing what I felt honour bound to describe to its owner as ‘fucking rodeo music.’ And now here’s J-Roc with a hot four-track vinyl-only release of the large, bass-wobbling breakbeat goodness descended from big beat and for which Ghetto Funk releases have set the benchmark of late. Party bangers all, I have a particular soft spot for the ragtime-sampling Hot In Here which manages the quite staggering feat of making Fiddy sound good and I make no apology for applying yet another 5 star monkeyboxing recommendation. Boom!
(Out 5 December on Ghetto Funk)

Ghetto Funk Presents: J-ROC (GFP06) by ghettofunk

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