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ITCHY & SKRATCHY DJs vs HIDDEN RIDDIM: A Ruff Guide To Bass Hop 2012 (2012) – Free download

It’s all about the rumble. Canadians Itchy & Skratchy and the UK’s Hidden Riddim crew go up against each other on this juddering, throbbing beast of a mixtape with hip-hop, glitch-hop and bass-wobbling numbers all blended seamlessly for your delectation. Loads of Riddim Fruit exclusives turn up that’ll have you head-nodding, dancing and smoking the kush (or all three) by turns. Download HERE – preview and full tracklist below. ‘Ave it!

Itchy & Skratchy Djs Vs Hidden Riddim – A Ruff Guide to Bass Hop 2012 by Hidden Riddim

ITCHY & SKRATCHY DJs vs HIDDEN RIDDIM: A Ruff Guide To Bass Hop 2012- tracklist
Itchy & Skratchy Djs vs Hidden Riddim Intro
Bombaclaad Starr- Liquid Stranger (Hidden Itch Re-Rub)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- High Contrast
C64 Dub- Hungary Ghost
Supernova- Shimi Sonic (Mouldy Soul Remix)
Simmer Gently- Blunt Instrument
Throbbin the light- Quade
Hush Plan- Quade
Texas Teeth- Goosebumpz (Hidden Itch Re-Rub)
Scale it back- DJ Shadow (Blunt instrument Remix)
Babylon shall Fall- John Hendicott
Jimi Monster- Mouldy soul
Talking Smack- K Lab
Chicago- Quincy Jointz (Audio inFunction Remix (Hidden Itch Re-Rub)
I’m Home- Griz
Squish City- Love and Light
Lone Town- Blunt Instrument
Iam TBT- Mouldy Soul
Talk Box- Koan Sound (Hidden Itch Re-Rub)
All I need to Know- K Lab (Alias Remix)

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