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IRIS GOLD: Ten (2016) Audio premiere

ten-iris-gold-audio-premiereGet yourselves ready for Iris Gold whose Marsha Hunt Mixtape (named after Mick Jagger’s former afro-sporting missus) is in the offing for a December drop with influences ranging from Howlin Wolf to Blaxploitation flicks, the Beastie Boys and De La Soul. “I imagined I was in a movie based in 70s Harlem during the hot summer chillin’ with with Lalo Schifrin,” says Gold. She’s not shitting you either. Which brings us to the funk-rock-guitar underpinned Ten premiered here and which more than anything else suggests another influence who is striking by her omission from the PR blah accompanying this. And you know I’m talking about criminally under-recognised funky force of nature that is Betty Davis…

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