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INSIGHT: True Or False – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 4]

Stateside rapper Insight spits hard and fast about hidden agendas, double-dealing, corruption and general politrickery over a dope uptempo Tom Caruana beat and hammond loop with a cuts-based hook courtesy of DJ OMC. He even has a crack at Blair which can’t be bad – though if you’re going to name and shame the monkey, it is a bit remiss not to throw a few buckets of shit over the organ-grinder who in this case remains merely implicated – perhaps because Insight couldn’t think of a rhyme for Bush. Here’s one – ‘cunt’. Oops my bad – that’s a synonym not a rhyme. This particular slice of righteous and sophisticated ire is accompanied by no less than six remixes from the likes of Flevans, Evil Sun, Mr Simmonds, Savages, M.W.D. & Suhov – the best of which is probably Savages’ blaxploitation wigout.
(Out now on Tea Sea Records)

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