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INNEREYEFULL: Shake That Thing

INNEREYEFULL: Shake That ThingThe thing with spending a significant proportion of three years shaking your thing live at such festivals as Beautiful Days, Port Eliot, the Great Estate and the Newquay Boardmasters is that it doesn’t leave so much time to shake your thing in the studio. Which probably explains why Shake That Thing is the first new single out of the Innereyefull camp in the best part of a year. Still it’s here now and there’s a whole lot of shaking going on. It starts with the filtered beat-boxy intro, then the bass and drums kick in, followed by the bongos and congas, and finally the guitars, organs and the horns. Why – it’s a veritable layer cake of shake! So much so, in fact, that by the time it’s all finished, a hectic weekend at a festival sounds positively Trappist by comparison.
(Out 27 September on Inner-I Records)

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