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INNEREYEFULL: Remixed (2015)

Remixed Playground InnereyefullAfter the album of course (and not for the first time this week), the remix album. Enter Innereyefull, former dusty breaks merchant, still delivering stoner downtempo beats n breaks but now equally likely to go all dnb on your ass or funk things up enough for Craig Charles to take notice – though now via the medium of live instrumentation rather than samples. Well, mostly. And so to this, his solid Playground LP of last year, fully remixed. What – all the tracks? Well – actually yes, and not just that but in exactly the same order which makes it a lot easier for lazy music journalists to see whether anything has been missed out or not. It hasn’t – in case you were wondering.

Where all the tracks on the original mainly fell under the banner of funky-ish breaks, with the addition of a number of dub reggae cuts tempos nevertheless varied from the the practically supine to b-boy frantic. This latter characteristic the remix LP has in common with the original although the stylistic net is cast wider to include dnb, house and broken beat amid the breaks and dub. It’s still the breaks and the dub that wins round these parts though which is why the Funky Beats remix of Funky Dope and the Dis Dub remix of Disconnected are top of the pile at MB Towers.
(Out 28 August HERE)

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