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ICONS OF GHETTO FUNK 2013 Parts 1 & 2: Free download (2013)

I had been thinking this latest annual installment of the Ghetto Funk Icons series, Icons Of Ghetto Funk, was early. But then I checked and actually it’s later than the previous two years. And that’s not all that’s different. This time the icons they’re remixing aren’t the popular music giants of yore but some of the label’s own artists. Say what? Remixes of the Ghetto Funk back catalogue by ghetto funk artists? Yep, exactly – versions of tracks by artists iconic in the ghetto funk scene by – er – other artists who are iconic on the ghetto funk scene. And if this is the year that ghetto funk breaks big it could be the harbinger of a musical iconoclasm. There’ll be fluids everywhere. One last thing (seeing as how it’ll likely be the morning after the massive night before when you read this) be forewarned that this is plump full of warp and grind. Perhaps one might direct you to The Captain‘s skankin rework of B-Side‘s Dope Rider and a dope Kymberley Kennedy vocal that sits perfectly on, well, pretty much anything as far as I can make out or Second Hand Audio‘s soothing take on B-Side’s (again) MC Kyla-featuring Throwing It Wild. Cop ’em below…

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