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HUGH GLEDHILL: Big Dinosaur Mouth (2014)

Big Dinosaur Mouth Hugh GledhillJezebel Sextet and JTQ guitarist luminary Hugh Gledhill is shortly to open his Big Dinosaur Mouth and unleash the roars (or at least the well-modulated tones) of nine funk, jazz-funk and soul jazzy cuts. Actually, if we’re talking about opening mouths, perhaps we should include singer Mudibu of The Killer Horns whose meaty soul vocals adorn four of the cuts here in a manner broadly reminiscent of the late sixties/ early seventies. Stylistically, Big Dinosaur Mouth sinks its teeth deeply into the sixties Blue Note era (no less than you’d expect of a label called Sookie Records) on instro opener Sweet Magritte. Elsewhere referents include the JBs (Captain Thunder), Propositions-style funk (Three Tombstones) Booker T (Time, Strength…Patience) or the common ground between Blue Note and dirty southern funk like on Get Out. One for fans of Frootful, Lack Of Afro’s jazz-funkier moments and, of course JTQ and sixties Blue Note gear like Grant Green and Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes. Ah sookie, sookie, as they say. Check the wah n breaks vibe of Three Tombstones and the warm summer breeze of the Mudibu-featuring Don’t Rush below and cop full preview audio snippets on the humble Juno player below that.
(Out 15 September on Sookie Records)

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