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HONEST LEE: Pajarito + video

HONEST LEE:  PajaritoIt’s been a while since the monkey’s heard from Growroom Productions label boss Honest Lee, but he’s a man who is still very much in business. Indeed, he’s got a nine-track debut album, Solera, in the offing no less. Pajarito is the first cut from it and offers flute-led, chilled-latin breakbeat vibes. This all makes perfect sense if you know what ‘pajarito’ actually means – or at least made the effort to type it into Googletranslate. Now then

, how to visually represent said track via the audio visual medium? I’m thinking maybe some footage of drums and perhaps a piano but mainly nature shots because nothing says ‘relax’ like a rainbow, a starlit night sky over a lake and a massive bird of prey snatching a terrified rodent from ground cover. Oh and if you skip to the one minute thirty mark, you even get a close-up of a tit. It’s all in there!

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