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HIDDEN JAZZ QUARTET feat. GREG BLACKMAN: Tap On The Backdoor (2015)

Tap On The Backdoor Hidden Jazz Quartet Greg BlackmanTap On The Backdoor? Ooh there’s nothing worse than being locked out is there? There you are, dressing gown flapping wide and showing your arse, vainly slapping the pockets you’ve already panic-checked, knocking on your own door just in case all the people that weren’t in your house to let you in a minute ago have miraculously materialised inside and…what did you say? It’s the what? The name of the solidly jazz-funky new single from Hidden Jazz Quartet and blue-eyed soul boy Greg Blackman? You’ll be telling me next that tapping on the back door is a metaphor and Renegades Of Jazz has done one of his excellent ‘northern jazz’ breaks remixes of this…

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