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HEROES OF LIMBO: Madchester Woman / White Noise (Vinyl 7″)

HEROES OF LIMBO: Madchester Woman / White Noise (Vinyl 7Alright our kid? Heard the new Madchester Woman vinyl 7″ from Matasuna Records? It’s from Heroes Of Limbo a.k.a. The Impellers’ Glenn Fallows and trombonist/arranger Gram ‘Canyon’ Treldavs. Turns out they’re mad fer a bit of 70s Afrobeat and Ghanaiian Highlife and wondered what it’d be like if they re-worked the ‘Mondays Loose Fit all Ebo Taylor like. And so buzzin’ were they after that they also took on Disclosure feat. Aluna George’s White Noise inna afro-disco stylee. And put ’em both on either side of a 45. Top one.
(Out 29 November on Matasuna Records)

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