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THE HEAVY: How You Like Me Now? – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 4]

Bath’s The Heavy are not, apparently, ones to hit a small nail with a small hammer if a pile-driver is available. Here, they live up to their name by pummelling seven percussive shades of shit out of a loop chopped from Dyke & The Blazers’ funk classic, Let A Woman Be A Woman over which singer Swaby does his best soul growl. The resulting steamroller of a track is a steroidal beast that, while not exactly pretty, is fairly certain to command your attention – in much the same way as a twenty stone, seven foot tall James Brown might. For reasons best known to someone other than me, this is accompanied with two pointless house mixes and a dub mix that put my fucking chair to sleep. P.s. This appears to have changed title since I saw the press release – if you look closely at the original cover (pictured) there’s a ‘do’ on there. Go figure.
Out 31 August on Counter

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