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THE HAWK feat. Little Hannah Collins: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover – 2010 – Single review + Video

[rating: 5]

What with the current vogue for all things soul, Big Boss Man bassist the Hawk and former The Heavy/ The Snugs songstress ‘Little’ Hannah Collins head north on Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. Obviously judging a book by its cover is the act of a crazed-impulsive though were you tempted in this case to stray from the path of measured consideration – you might be forgiven for thinking this was something that got a good airing down at the Wigan Casino back in the day. High praise indeed in some circles, including (of late) this one. The facts, however, are simply this: that in Don’t Judge… what you get is a proper slice of future retro action – a concept neatly encapsulated in the accompanying video – watch below links. And it’ll be out (correctly) on seven inch, as well as digital. Get down!
(Released 1 March on Record Kicks)
The Hawk – Myspace
Little Hannah Collins – Myspace

The Hawk – Myspace

Little Hannah Collins – Myspace

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