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HARDLY SUBTLE: Hardly Subtle EP 2 (2012) + ‘Chase & Skank’ free download

The New Year’s mere days old and those cheeky West Country bad boyz Hardly Subtle (a.k.a. Aldo Vanucci and Dave Remix) are already getting their Joe Cockers out for Pharoahe Monch on this, exposing their Family Stones to LL Cool J and doing things to Etta James that she never dreamed of when she released Something’s Got A Hold On Me in 1962. Mash-up city! It’s hardly subtle is it? Fuck subtle! Let’s rock the dancefloor and here are four tracks that shouldn’t have any problem doing just that. Don’t even think about having a rest after last Saturday – you’ll get out there at the end of this week and have a boogie to this and you’ll bloody well like it. And don’t forget to download Hardly Subtle’s free cheeky Chase & Status booty Chase & Skank HERE.
(Out now on Aldo Vanucci’s own label.)

Hardly Subtle EP 2 (Digital Download) by Hardly Subtle

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