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HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE TASTEMAKERS: Do Whatever Makes You Feel Hot (2014)

Do Whatever Makes You Feel Hot Hannah WilliamsHannah Williams & The Tastemakers‘ funky new single finds Hannah exhorting her lover to Do Whatever Makes You Feel Hot. And she’s not on about going for a quick run. “The sex is all…[they’ve]…got”, they “never talk” and not only is she not bollocking him for his lack of communication, she’s urging him to be as kinky as he likes! Naturally women are reading that and thinking ‘He’s an insensitive, uncommunicative bastard!’ whereas men are reading it are thinking ‘Sex and none of that talky bollocks? Wicked!’ Ponder, if you will, this contrast between the genders as you listen to the groove but I suspect that whether you’ve got one or two X chromosomes, you may find yourself, like Hannah, with no shoes on/ Moving your hips like you heard a funky James Brown song…
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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