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THE HANGMEN: Let’s Boogie Now b/w THE SOUL JUGGLERS: Naghihintay – 2009 – 7″ Review

[rating: 4.5]

Two slices of funk from the Phillipines of all places. The so-so B side sounds like the soundtrack to a seventies cop show but you’ll really be wanting this for the ridiculous Hangmen A side Let’s Boogie Now. This sounds like the result of a live jam where the band tried to replay Sly Stone’s Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf from memory whilst singing the (English) lyrics to another song (from memory) without the slightest comprehension of English vocabulary or pronunciation. Consequently the “Let’s Boogie Now” chorus rings out with all the clarity of an Obama speech while the rest is belted out with all the clarity of a pissed Englishmen having a crack at Richie Valens’ La Bamba on karaoke night. Mind you, for all I know The Hangmen could genuinely be singing the rest of the song in Tagalog or something, in which case the preceeding comment will make me look like a complete c–t.
Out now on Funky Buddah

Listen to The Hangmen – Let’s Boogie Now b/w The Soul Jugglers – Naghihintay
(N.b. the track names and samples are ass-backwards on this link)

6 Responses

  1. The Hangmen Band to those who heard them in the 70’s & 80’s were probably the greatest purveyors of American Soul Music the Philippines ever produced! a full 11 piece band. They were incredible on the club scene. They also won a string of olongapo city contest. This was during the time of the U.S. Navy Base in that city. 7th fleet sailors couldn’t wait to get back and groove to that band. There just wasn’t anything they couldn’t play! Vocalist Bernie did have an accent that sometimes got in the way, however, every now and then a serviceman with pipes would get on stage! what a treat that would be for free. Just didn’t have the money to get that on home video of the day. Glad they did get to put out a single of some sort!

  2. The Hangmen Band really could play anything. They were killing Busting Loose by Chuck Brown when I hit town. They even played Lenny Williams Cause I love you!!!! At one point they left, word was they got steady work in Japan.

  3. I saw them in club banquet club,man what treat they did endless Love by Lionel richies and Diane Ross they brought the crowd on there feet.they were great.

  4. I made a mistake the name of the club was banawe club.also they if you wasn’t looking you swear Earth wind and fire was playing.they were that good.good olds and time music not play and enjoy like being in subic nite club.

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