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HAMMOND CLASSICS: Los Cuentos (2017)

HAMMOND CLASSICS Los CuentosHammond Classics’ Los Cuentos is the new one from the Athens-based producer – and thereby hangs a tale or three. See what the monkey did there Castilian speakers? Yes, ‘The Stories’ (for such is its title in Inglés) finds triple cumbia breaks trouble coming at ya all the way from Greece courtesy of HC. Well, obviously – where else more likely to yield classy Latin breaks than these days? Opener Laterna kicks off with a thoughtful, folksy shimmy, Ronkola packs a punch by bumping along to altogether modern rhythm sounds (whilst nevertheless rocking an OG cumbia vibe) and lastly M.Linda is the decidedly upbeat vintage Latin carnival-breaks closer for dancing and bellowing along to once all that rum has kicked in.
(Out now HERE)

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