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HAMMOND CLASSICS/ LARRY SKG: Carnibal Records 011 (2014)

Carnibal 011 Larry Skg Hammond Classics[RATING: 5] Just thought I’d get this one out there as it’s NYE and this might have slipped under your release radar when it came out on Boxing Day. It certainly slipped under the monkey’s radar when the PR came in for Carnibal Records 011 on Christmas Day. Christmas Day?! Maybe they don’t do Christmas in Greece. Maybe they do that mainland Europe thing of not celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day. Maybe every day’s a party so they have to party and work at the same time. One thing’s for certain: this four-tracker is tight! Both Hammond Classics and Larry Skg drop a little cumbia breaks and Skg also pulls out a little samba. If one track has the edge though it might just be the latin-flavoured dancehall swing of Hammond Classics’ Mi Tierra. But there’s little to choose between them – they’re all fire.
(Out now on Carnibal Records)

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