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H LEE: Heater/ Thank You (Old Soul Now) (2013)

[RATING: 5] Fuck me, how low-key is this? Sales links only. No label links. No artist links. No soundcloud audio. No bandcamp audio. That’s probably because it’s two of the sweetest Sam & Dave edits you’ll ever hear. You know the recipe: take an old soul track that doesn’t quite have the engine power to be a full on dancer (even for back then) and slip a V12 rhythm section under the hood. Plus if you’ve got some style, you do it so it sounds old and not with some shitty programmed break-by-numbers. So here’s ‘H. Lee’s’ edits of Sam & Dave’s Don’t Turn Your Heater On and I Thank You – here classily rebooted as Heater and Thank You (Old Soul Now). Indeed.
(Out now on Spring Loaded)

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