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GRUMPY OLDE MEN: You’re A Mean One – How The Grumps Stole Christmas (2016)

youre-a-mean-one-grumpy-olde-menEvery Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot but those Grumpy Olde Men – well – they did not. When December arrived, they dropped Grinch-like boom-bap and You’re A Mean One was the name of their track. How The Grumps Stole Christmas was the name of it too and steal it they did before anyone knew. But when people listened they realised the truth – those old men weren’t grumps but re-living their youth! The song was for fun! They did love Christmas! And to make people laugh, this song was the business!

Turns out Dizzy Dustin and DJ Shag’s hearts are the right size after all – cop the new one You’re A Mean One – How The Grumps Stole Christmas below or show them some Christmas love by naming your price…

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