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GROUP MODULAR: Per Aspera Ad Astra (Vinyl 7″)

GROUP MODULAR: Per Aspera/ Ad Astra If you like your psych-funk to be retro-futurist, not to mention chunky, you’d better believe Group Modular have got you covered. Why?  Because Markey Funk and Mule Driver’s outfit is back and damn if new 45 Per Aspera b/w Ad Astra isn’t a double beast. A-side Per Aspera opens with a hefty drum break emerging from ominous synth reverberations. As the track continues, additional percussion and synth effects build to evoke nothing less than a steadi-cam tour through the unnatural stillness of some vast military-industrial space freighter after something has killed all the humans. Ad Astra on the other hand is the minute the ‘rescue party’ discover they’re about to be the next victims. Funkier than the A-side, this one’s all about the synth riffs and ride cymbal-laced break.  Get on it!
(Pre-order now/ Drops 12 August on Delights Records)

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