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GRINNY GRANDAD: The Car-Bootleg EP (2013) Free download

The Car Bootleg EP sees Grinny Grandad finally follow up 2010’s excellent Good Girl single. Opener Monty finds the location where Led Zeppelin meets the party breaks massive and sets the tone by employing an instantly recognisable filmic fanfare. And I don’t mean Camelot which, after all is a silly place. Swim Fish is up next and abstains from guitar heroics in favour of the sort of crazy ass swing breaks that causes chorus lines of knights to high kick and is liable to find itself slotted into any number of sets to bridge the gap between electro boogie and ghetto funk. Finally, Q The Pimp pumps along on a fat blues rock vibe delivering a maximum breakbeat rnb assault comparable in yield to the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch. And it’s all free. Let’s not bicker and argue over who’s sampled who…

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