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GREG BLACKMAN: Land Of The Dead (2015)

Land Of The Dead Greg BlackmanLooks like Greg Blackman‘s just been doorstepped by UKIP then. Or the Tories. Or Labour. Or the Libdems. It’s reminded him to dig out soul-dub number Land Of The Dead all about the man wanting his vote/ money that he wrote and recorded two years ago. I was doorstepped by Labour tonight. They wanted to know if I’d decided who to vote for. It wasn’t them. I listed a few reasons why – like the fact that the current government has created more debt than every Labour government in history whilst presiding over another catastrophic widening of the wealth gap, the utterly incompetent selling of the Royal Mail, failure to act on banking scandal after banking scandal or claim back more than the merest sliver of the billions and billions of unpaid corporation tax and yet – and yet despite all this, Labour has been unable to make them look like the breathtakingly corrupt and bungling morons that they so clearly are or offer any policies that aren’t ConDem lite. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my doorstepper wasn’t able to mount any defence. Almost as if they were on the other side of an insurmountable barrier. And I was in the land of the dead.
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  1. Well people if you’re seeking for your sanity
    you’d better search somewhere else instead

    Bigup for the excellent review. I love sending stuff to you guys as you always seem to “Get It” in a way others struggle to do.



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