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GRAND SLAM: Lifetimers For The Funk – 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that if someone told me they’d heard a new single from a German band who’d been around since 1985, I’d be a bit worried. It’s not an issue of nationality, or even longevity, you understand – more the fear of a German band formed in the middle of the devil’s decade sounding like The Scorpions. Or worse, Munchener Freiheit. Not to worry though, Grand Slam play funk. Also, while they might have formed in ’85, round their way it’s always 1975. More specifically, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins’ 1975. If you imagine funk drenched in vocoder vocals, synths, and squelchy wah, sporting spangly flared jumpsuits and novelty shaped sunglasses you’re ballpark for the sound of Lifetimers For The Funk. And since this release is all about bringing the funk to the kids, nufunkers Jayl Funk, Busta and DrayRock have all had a crack at nu-funkin up what was originally an album track a few years back. Mothership contact re-established!
(Out 25 April on Breakbeat Paradise)

BBP029A: Grand Slam – Lifetimers for the Funk (Original Mix) by bbprecordings

(PRESS RELEASE) BBP Recordings is extremely proud to introduce to the nu funk scene the veteran funk band Grand Slam from Germany with their steaming-hot retro Lifetimers for the Funk EP. Grand Slam has been on the top of their game of doing their down-to-earth, gritty-as-can-be Kraut-Funk since 1985 and has now teamed up with BBP and a couple of heavyweight Nu-Funk producers, Jayl Funk and Busta, who is giving their individual twists to this top class jam. With a hand-full of album releases and some 300+ gigs behind them, Grand Slam is now ready to bring it on to the dancefloors! Lifetimers for the Funk was originally released on their Opossums & Racoons album from 2007 and features vocals by Funkmaster Ozone & Mischmaschine. Grand Slam is still going strong doing that good ol’ heavy duty funk that we all love so much and their sound is a perfect match with BBP leading role as being the oldskool yet cuttin’ edge badboy of the funky breaks scene!

A. Grand Slam kicks things off with their low-down and dirty retrospective celebration to the funk-music. A straight-up boogie funk jam with a heavy vocoder voice and smooth flows by Funkmaster Ozone.

B. Jayl Funk is doing what he does best by giving it his signature Jayl Funky danceable beat leaving you very little chance to sit still. Jayl stays true to the original funk elements and add his groovy nu funk treatment smoothly around it, making it another top remix by Jayl Funk.

C. Busta never disappoints on a remix and this is no exception. Pumpin’ it full of Ghetto Funk with his electro basslines that Busta is so loved and respected for in the scene. This remix will take the Grand Slammers to the clubs all over as part any funky djs crate in the time to come!

D. DrayRock slows down things on his laid-back and smooth remix. DrayRock is an assistant producer for Grand Slam crew and produced this remix for compilation album that was released in 2010.

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