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GRAMOPHONE SOUL:  Unwind YourselfIt’ll be relentless party music time in a matter of days as Gramophone Soul’s Unwind Yourself EP is shortly to be released on DJ Roast Beatz’ very own Cuttin’ It Fine label. Turns out that our Gram used to be a house music DJ but a move to Edinburgh some time ago prompted him to see the colossal error of his ways and he now spends his time making sample-based party breakbeats by way of penance. Turns out he’s quite the dab hand. Expect to hear yourself cussin’ and cryin’ and carryin’ on at Can You Dig It‘s merciless call to the dancefloor and placing a want ad for a foot massager after dropping Dope Shit which you’ll definitely also be needing after the revved-up bass-funk business of the Get Up. Of course, you can’t call an EP Unwind Yourself without employing a bit of Marva Whitney and so GS joins Mark The 45 King, DJ Kool and a host of others with his own breakbeat re-imagining of a funk-soul classic.
(Out 31 January (Juno exclusive)/ 7 February on Cuttin’ It Fine Records)

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