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GONESTHEDJ: Wonderboha (2011)

Frenchman GonesTheDj delivers Wonderboha (Soulitude Music’s first seven inch) featuring Done Nothin, a thunderous remix/ edit thingy of Stevie Wonder’s You Haven’t Done Nothin’ on which he chucks in four-to-the-floor drums, some cymbal syncopation and creates a super disco badass. For those unaware of the original from Stevie’s 1974 LP Fulfillingness Finale, suffice it to say that it’s a mid-seventies wah-wah squelch-fest of the ilk of Superstition but didn’t percussively have quite the same presence. Believe me when I say that that’s all been sorted now and in a way that is sensitive to the original. It’s the sort of weapon you bring out when punters can’t believe the night could get any better. And then you drop this and it does. B-side is the afro-beat-y Dance With. Out now, correctly, on wax. Now. Don’t sleep fam.
(Out now on Soultitude)

Done Nothin (Wonderboha 7″ vinyl) by Gones/SoulitudeMusic

Dance With (Wonderboha 7″ vinyl) by Gones/SoulitudeMusic

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