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If this blog turns out to be as dope as the holding page seems to promise…it’s going to be very dope indeed. looks all set to be a nexus for a genre that’s been burgeoning over the last few years. Call it ‘dirty bass driven funk’ (they do) or call it nufunk, just don’t call it funky breaks (even though it’s funky and based around breaks) and for christ’s sake nobody mention ‘big beat’. Oh wait – that’s torn it…
(PRESS RELEASE) A NEW BLOG FOR DIRTY BASSDRIVEN FUNK: This is a collaboration of Goodgroove & Streetwise Music several artist from the scene including Nick Thayer, Moquee, Parker, Russ Cuban, Pimpsoul, Stickybuds, DJP, Dancefloor Outlaws, The Sly Players, Basement Freaks Slynk, DJ Wood, The Captain, Qdup will be contributing to make a driving force for the music they make.

DJ Yoda & Ali B are also supporting the blog.

The site will have exclusive music, mixes, gig updates, also booking details for key artist in the scene.

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