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GHETTO FUNK presents ALLSTAR 45s: Funk Ferret, Goodgroove & DJ Soo (2012)

It’s fragile, it’s technologically anachronistic and you don’t want to be leaving it in the sun…but you can’t beat the sound. Vinyl’s the shit isn’t it? So here’s to Ghetto Funk– a label which pioneers the bleeding edge of the funk continuum but hasn’t forgotten the feel and sound of wax. This is the second in their Allstar 45s series and sees two of hip hop’s earliest classics get a thorough ghetto funk contemporization. That’ll be Slim Goodgroove and Funk Ferret taking on Sugarhill’s Rappers Delight on Rockin Rollin then and having a mess-around with Grand Master Flash’s The Message is DJ Soo. Next release sees DJ Sooty re-version Kurtis Blow’s The Breaks. I might have made that last bit up. Don’t even pretend this won’t blow the whole joint when played.
(Out mid-late February on Ghetto Funk)

Funk Ferret & Goodgroove – Rockin Rollin by Ghetto Funk

DJ Soo – The Message by Ghetto Funk

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